I admit it …

I admit it …

I admit it – I’m addicted to crafting and learning new things. Through my life I have learned many different things like knitting, stain glassed, quilting, baking, vegan baking, cooking, jewelry making, card making … those are just a few things that I have learned to do thus far in my life. It is exciting that I have so much more time to learn so much more!

My intention here is to share my love of learning new crafty and fun things, let others know the struggles that I had with them and also share what I have accomplished. It doesn’t matter if our accomplishment is just baking a cookie or making a salad, celebrate it! Everything we do is an accomplishment to the next step of where we are going. Yes, I have had terrible bakes – flat cookies, flat bread, not baked stuff, necklaces that fell apart, cards that just wouldn’t sit flat, and on and on.

Where did I get this lifelong learning passion?

My mom. She was an incredible cook and growing up it seemed like she excelled in everything that she did and tried. She was also a teacher and over the years really helped me with my own love of learning.

I’m an eternal student learning when and where I can. I don’t generally take classes – sorry mom – I learn a lot from watching videos online and reading articles. I’ve been inspired to try more complex techniques by watching shows on TV – of course on TV so many things look so easy.

I know, why should you come back here, well! Let me just say that I’ll be posting my triumphs and struggles and some musing of life. Curious about what I’m going to post about, let me explain a few main topics:

Baking Adventures!

I have always enjoyed baking – starting at a young age I have baked with my mom, my grandma, my sister, and my great grandmother. It’s one of those things that I found a lot of joy with and also found it was really calming for me.

I’m a cook not a Chef 🙂

Back in my day, it was necessary for all family members to help with cooking dinner. There were times my sister and I would make dinner after school or start dinner for the family. I never took classes, I just learned from my mom and sister. I am no chef by any means and like to try to be “cheffy”.

Crafts? Hobbies? What have you?

I have picked up many crafts and hobbies over the years. The list is really kind of long, perhaps another post I’ll go through all of what I have been into or tried 🙂

Thanks for reading and come back often to see what I am up to or see what I have done in the past 🙂

Judie Cummings

Judie Cummings